During this period of time, Centrist, Zep Tepi, Ryguy and I continued our MSN conversations. Lots of emails were flying back and forth fast and furious. In the course of one exchange, Zep Tepi claims he made a huge mistake. This "mistake" marked the end of our work as a team.

Apparently when Zep was forwarding an email from Centrist to Ryguy – his email program automatically entered Bill Ryan’s email address instead of Ryguy. Zep hit "send" and the rest is history. The "black Friday" email from Centrist was now in Bill Ryan's hands.

Bill Ryan has publicly stated that he believes Zep sent this email to him intentionally.

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On 10 March, I was contacted by Steve Broadbent and Ryan Dube - two active members of the Above Top Secret (ATS) forum under the usernames Zep Tepi and Ryguy or ryguy - who explained to me that Victor's "Anonymous returned" was none other than Wayne Jaeschke, the attorney for ATS and Associate of the international law firm Morrison and Foerster - and frequent poster on ATS and some other forums under the username Centrist. Jaeschke, aided by Broadbent, Dube and a fourth ATS member, Shawnna Connolly, had first unearthed the names "Sylvester McCoglin" and the e-mail address thewizardofzin@lycos.com by covert means and then utilized them to successfully deceive Victor Martinez.

To their credit, Broadbent and Dube took the initiative to contact me after realizing that Jaeschke's agenda was not as he had first presented it - i.e. to honestly investigate the Serpo releases. Instead, it had become clear to them that he was intent on discrediting the story - and myself - by any means possible. This violated Broadbent's and Dube's integrity, who then contacted me to apologize and explain exactly what had happened. Click here for an already well-leaked e-mail from Jaeschke to his three colleagues which shows his agenda. (The "Black Friday" message referenced in this e-mail is a release Jaeschke sent to Victor intent on ruining the careers of myself and Rick Doty. Victor never posted it.)

Zep has stated in an email to us that it was NOT intentional. That email has been uploaded here.

Zep's email showing how he did not intentionally mean to send Centrist's email to Bill Ryan

Image of how it happened from Zep

This was the end of Centrist's involvement in this saga. And in hindsight, it was the beginning of the end of my friendship with Centrist.

Bill Ryan interpreted this to be an intentional 'outing' of Centrist by Zep Tepi and to this day, he believes Zep Tepi did this to demonstrate his loyalty to Bill Ryan. Of course, Zep Tepi told us that this was a mistake and actually demonstrated how it happened with his email program as noted above.

What I believe occurred is that Zep Tepi was, in fact, playing both sides of this game and wanted Centrist out of the picture. Because of this, Bill Ryan trusted Zep Tepi even more.

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