In the course of this ATS discussion, I had the opportunity to work with Centrist, rdube02 (aka "Ryguy"); Zep Tepi, Serpentime, Jonke05, Hal9000, sdrumrunner on the "Serpo Summary".

I was basically functioning as the project manager for the group working on the summary. We put together an outline and then each took parts of the Serpo story to research. I then compiled all of the information into the Summary document with appropriate links. That can be found here.

Some of the links within the summary document are dead so here is a link to the original site.

Once the summary was complete, Centrist, Zep Tepi, Ryguy and jonke05 and I continued our discussion via MSN Messenger. It was an extraordinarily interesting time as each of us began to share personal information and get to know each other.

It was clear during these discussions that Zep Tepi was working quite closely with Centrist; and rdube02 was working quite closely with Zep Tepi. And Centrist and I were flirting up a storm.

No one was really sure about who could be trusted - except rdube02 indicated he trusted Zep Tepi "with his life", and he did NOT trust Centrist.

I tried very hard to keep the team together, but I was pretty naive.

Centrist told me to "trust no one" - I should have listened.