An important point to note that is either not remembered, or not known by most is that in the course of the ATS discussion, sdrumrunner asked Bill Ryan to confirm information that Victor Martinez had sent in a message to "Don D"; (of Burisch fame) indicating that the website had been visited by the CIA, among other things. That post is here.

This is the specific message from Victor Martinez to Don Deppeller:


by Victor M.


I apologize for having taken so long to get back to your thoughtful, well-considered e-mail regarding Dr Burisch/Crain. I'm still formulating my own response, but in the meantime, former AFOSI SA Rick Doty made an inquiry to contacts he still maintains at the DIA and the following is the response he received. Remember, I'm only the messenger delivering the message.

As a brief aside, I'd also like to point out that UNlike Dan Burisch, several key members of the military intell community have come out on RECORD and stated -- in this public forum -- that such a "Project SERPO" did in FACT exist and take place. Please note those names in Capt Bob Collins' carefully crafted response.

The Web site has also been visited by the CIA and this stream contains one contact at the White House NSC; is Dan's Webs site frequently visited by the CIA and has the White House shown ANY interest in Dan?

Just asking and thinking aloud....

QUESTION: In support of Dan Burisch's wild claims, name three (3) high-ranking USG officials who will go on record to validate the claims of Mr Burisch. We've given you three (3), so I think my asking is only fair, don't you? -

Bill Ryan responded to sdrumrunner's question by offering access to the control panel to anyone on ATS willing to assist in analyzing the site log. That post is here.

Of course Zep Tepi offered his assistance. The results of his obtaining access to the control panel of were posted here

Originally this was done so Zep Tepi could assist with reviewing the site's logs to respond to sdrumrunner's question posted to Bill on ATS.

As outlined by Bill Ryan in an email Zep Tepi posted on RU on December 20, 2006, when Bill gave Zep Tepi access to the control panel, he also gave him access to any email communications to This is important to remember as it shows quite clearly how Zep Tepi had convinced Bill Ryan that he could trust him. This is also how Zep Tepi aka Tacitus Monroe was able to hijack the recent pictures. Manipulation of trust is the central tactic used by both Zep and Ryguy, as will become self-evident.

Zep's December 20, 2006 RU post confirming his access to

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