November 30, 2005 - "Centrist" creates a thread on titled "Project Serpo: Postings by "Anonymous" - Breaking News?

Much has been said about "Centrist" - and I don't intend to repeat what others have postulated. Rather, I will simply point to his introductory post on ATS which can be viewed here:

Centrist's Intro Post at ATS - May 10, 2005

If that mysteriously disappears - as posts often do at ATS, I have uploaded it here as well.

Centrist's Intro Post at ATS - May 10, 2005 in .pdf format

This was the second time someone at ATS tried to launch Serpo. The first post - by a member using the name thirty3 has mysteriously disappeared. And contrary to what the Serpo Summary says - "thirty3" has posted a total of 3 times on ATS; the other two posts are short and quite cryptic - much like that of a sock puppet if you ask me.

Centrist's Serpo thread moves forward fast and furiously; reaching 5000 posts by February 9, 2006 when it was closed by Skeptic Overlord with this comment:

Boom, Boom, Out Go The Lights.

Well this has certainly been a wild ride beginning with knee-jerk reactions of hoax in the first few pages, through intriguing possibilities of back-channel disclosure, more fits-and-starts at hoax concerns, someone hoaxing a hoax, and finally what seems to be solid indications of deception and hoax.

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