Working with Zep and Ryguy was an evolutionary process. I witnessed first hand two formerly stand up guys get caught up in the 'game' to the point where they did lose the "expose Serpo truth" plot. I think this excerpt from Nick Redfern and Greg Bishop's blog illustrates some of what happened:

"Make no mistake: psychological warfare planners and disinformation specialists within the official world fully understand the very ridiculous ego-driven attitudes that certain players in the UFO field have, and they exploit this to the absolute hilt. They make the researcher feel important; they stress that it is the researcher, and the researcher alone, who can help in "getting the truth out."

And what happens? The same researcher is plunged into a strange environment full of clandestine meetings, shadowy informants, questionable documents, and where nothing is quite as it appears to be. And the outcome is very often the same: the relationship between researcher and "government agent" eventually comes to an end with nothing definitive having been supplied by the official world; yet for his or her part, the researcher has often been manipulated and milked for data to an extreme level."

Let's start by going back to the beginning.