Tacitus Monroe

Here is the email from Zep/Tacitus where he is asking us to check the IP headers to be sure they can't be traced.

Now, Tacitus was quite mysterious - his introductory post at OM, April 18, 2006, can be found here.

And on April 23, 2006, Tacitus sent this to those calling the shots behind the Serpo releases: Christopher 'Kit' Green, Hal Puthoff, and Rick Doty - Zep/Tacitus email with Serpo.info link

Known for his use of Latin, TM grew quite unpopular with what is now known as the "Team of 5" behind Serpo. The "Team of 5" consists of:
Christopher 'Kit' Green, MD
Harold Puthoff
Richard C. Doty
Victor Martinez
Bill Ryan

'Kit' Green was obviously taking the lead on handling "Tacitus".

For an inside look at the Team of 5 - I've uploaded all of their emails that were obtained by Zep via his access to the contact@serpo.org website and shared with Ryguy and me.

You be the judge of who is pulling the strings.


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