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I had hoped never to have to publish these pages. I began writing all of this for my own edification late last fall. I have held off hoping that Zep and Ryguy at would fulfill their multiple promises of providing the truth. Unfortunately, because Brendan Burton seems to enjoy engaging in the drama, I have been forced to publish these today when this post appeared on his forum Have I made mistakes? Absolutely! Do I have regrets? You bet! Have I learned some valuable Life Lessons? Of course - That's what this has been all about. And from experience, the most painful lessons are usually the most valuable.

Does the end justify the means?

This is clearly one of the fundamental questions of ethics and morality.

What if this "end" is just a psychological illusion?

In our self-delusion, we invent noble causes.

Doing so allows us to justify the bad things we admit - if only to ourselves - we feel bad about doing.

If you have no end, would your means justify your means?

Sadly, for many people, the answer to this question is no, and that is why the self-delusion persists.

My sense is the majority of evil acts are not malicious.

Rather, we mistakenly believe a greater good can come from a small wrong.

We delude ourselves so our conscience is clear.

Unintended consequences of our delusion are numerous.

Friendships are lost, psyches are bruised, and the chasm between souls widen.

To stop it, we must avoid self-denial and expose the truth.

Toward that end, this is Shawnna's truth behind Serpo.

First truth - I am NOT Tacitus Monroe.